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Welcome to my Build Diary for my racing hovercraft. 
I hope to update this page every week as construction progresses.
You can click these links below to take you to that area of the build.


Choosing a Design, There are several plans are available on the internet. The first thing I needed to do is decide on which plans to use, below is a brief outline of each I considered, I have realised as this site is about building from scratch that is exactly what I need to do to give anyone else that is thinking about building a hovercraft the confidence to tackle such a project,  So I will build to my own design in order to provide the best possible information and advice for everyone.

I have now decided on the shape and size of my hovercraft and making sure I keep within the construction guidelines the next thing for me to do is to make up some full-size plans which I hope to do over the weekend ready for laying up a wooden hull to use as a plug.

After spending all day clearing a big enough area to start the build, I am trying to create a well in order that I can take a mould directly from the inside of the wooden plug, which means the inside of the plug need to measure to outside of the finished hovercraft

A List of Plans that are available

VIPER by Nell fabrications is an Australian company that produces a great set of  plans for a cruising hovercraft,  The VIPER CRUISER hovercraft kit is constructed using marine plywood, timber battens, Rigid PVC foam, fibreglass and epoxy resin using a mixture of these makes the hull is strong, lightweight and durable. Visit site here


Eagle  by K+M products  based in the UK this Two person hovercraft  can ride in comfort on the tandem seating with handle bar steering and lever throttle. The craft is fitted with 59 separate segments for ease of replacement when they are worn or damaged. The craft has been designed with the option of using either the Rotax 253 and the Yamaha RD 250 in air or liquid cooled versions. Visit site here

Tornado A French Hovercraft 
Ces plans sont fournis gratuitement par le CLub AEROLOIRE comme l'a toujours souhaité son concepteur Jean Charles SABOUREUX, this great set of plans is made available for FREE, they are in french but as with everything measurements and lines are the same in any language. I very nearly built this one, It looks great !

Venom, I never received a response regarding purchasing these plans maybe they are no longer being sold. Shame I really liked this one.

Image not available